Ten Years of Happy Trails, Countless Memories


Batteries to Bluffs Trail, Golden Gate Bridge

This year, Trails Forever celebrates its 10th anniversary in the Golden Gate National Parks. Brought to our park by late Superintendent Brian O'Neill and modeled after its sister program in Acadia National Park, Trails Forever brings together staff and volunteers from the three partner agencies--the National Park Service, Parks Conservancy, and Presidio Trust--toward protecting the many resources in this amazing park and creating access to them.

Since 2002, this team has built and maintained 125 miles of trail, restored over 1,000 acres of habitat, protected historic batteries, created eight new overlooks, and held nine memorable benefit dinners--so far. Make your mark in the program's next decade by volunteering this season! The first workday of the year is April 21, 2012; drop-in for the volunteer workday and care for the trails you love!

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