Seeds to Flowers (Grades K-2)


A student sketches a plant during a Seeds to Flowers program

How do plants grow? 

Seeds to Flowers calls young stewards to service one of the at Golden Gate National Parks' nurseries in the Presidio or Marin Headlands. Students discover the plant life cycle and cultivate their own connection to nature as they peek into microscopes, step into the mist house, and study plants. A hands-on service project invites students to participate in plant nursery activities such as pot-washing, weeding, or spreading woodchips depending on nursery needs. Students draw connections between how plants and people grow, exploring their own roles in the ecosystem. 

Grades: K-2 


  • Classroom preparation (60 minutes) – lesson in the classroom facilitated by Conservancy staff 
  • Field session (3-3.5 hours) – the nursery experience where students engage in hands-on activities as well as explore a nearby park site 

NGSS Standards: K-LS1.C, K-ESS3.C, K-ESS3.A, 1-LS1.A, 1-LS3.B, 2-LS2.A, 2-LS4.D 

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