Stinson Beach & Bolinas Lagoon Coastal Resilience Projects


Bird's eye view of Stinson Beach

COASTAL RESILIENCE PROJECTS are how we're responding to sea level rise affecting our public coasts. Sea level rise is a symptom of global warming, which is being caused by burning fossil fuels. Rising water levels could reach 2 to 5 feet by the year 2100, with huge impacts to communities and ecosystems if no action is taken. 

These adaptation and resiliency projects (listed below) are in different stages of implementation. Agency partners meet quarterly to ensure collaboration and coordination between projects as they progress. 

1) The Bolinas Lagoon Wye Wetlands Resiliency Project will improve the function and resiliency of wetlands at the north end of Bolinas Lagoon by removing and elevating roads to allow space for Lewis Gulch Creek to be reconnected with its historic floodplain and for wetlands to migrate upland with sea level rise. 

LEAD AGENCY: Marin County Parks

2) The MRN 1/Bolinas Lagoon Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning Study will develop technical climate change adaptation strategies and designs, conduct lagoon modeling, sediment conveyance, and high tide studies, to create treatment plans and project alternatives at Bolinas Lagoon along Highway 1. This effort will address vulnerabilities to the area such as current and future weather events, increasing frequency and magnitude of natural disasters, and changing climate conditions including sea level rise.  

LEAD AGENCY: Caltrans 

3) The Stinson Adaptation & Resilience Collaboration (ARC) is supporting stakeholders in developing a sea level rise adaptation roadmap for Stinson Beach. In partnership with technical consultants, local agencies, and the community, Stinson ARC will assess which adaptation options are available to infrastructure and natural areas threatened by sea level rise. This roadmap will then help Stinson stakeholders make informed adaptation and resilience decisions. 

LEAD AGENCY: Marin County Community Development Agency 

Information about the pins on the map (below) can be found in the numbered sections of this page.

Pin-drops of coastal resilience projects


4) The South End Living Shoreline Project aims to establish new marsh and mudflat habitat and improve function of Bolinas Lagoon's transitional marsh habitat along its southern shoreline. To develop the best adaptation designs, technical studies will include modeling tides, sediment transport, and erosion hotspots. Strategies will focus on native plants and other natural elements to create wildlife refuge and stabilize the shoreline for greater resilience to sea level rise and increased storm surges. 

LEAD AGENCY: Greater Farallones Association 

5) The Stinson Beach Flood Study evaluates effects of riverine, coastal, and groundwater flooding and future sea level rise at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s (GGNRA) Stinson Beach property. This study is used to inform GGNRA’s adaptation planning at Stinson Beach.  

LEAD AGENCY: National Park Service 

6) The National Park Service (NPS) Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project will renovate deteriorated parking lots which have been damaged by flooding and storms. NPS is improving the parking lots in a way that respects natural features of the site such as Easkoot Creek and dunes.  

LEAD AGENCY: National Park Service 

Factsheet with map in pdf format


Download Stinson Beach & Bolinas Lagoon Coastal Resilience Projects Factsheet (PDF) - published in March 2024.