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Sunlight shines through canopy at Muir Woods
Enjoying the wonders of the outdoors is a small act that has big health benefits.
Illustration of the health benefits of nature.
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A graphic that provides a summary of the health benefits of nature with citations.
Illustration of ParkRx Program and related health benefits of getting outside.
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Hang this poster on your clinic or office walls to promote your ParkRx program.
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Learn why doctors are prescribing nature to patients, and how The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, in collaboration with the San Francisco Veterans’ Medical Center, support the VA W.A.R.I.O.R. Program which seeks to improve Veterans’ mental health and wellness by prescribing time in nature.

Graphical illustration of HPHP Bay Area: A Roadmap and Case Study for Regional Collaboration report
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Healthy Parks Healthy People: Bay Area, A Roadmap and Case Study for Regional Collaboration uses the HPHP: Bay Area Collaborative to share lessons with other collaborations looking to link parks and health across the country.
Map of the United States with pins of all the Healthy Parks Healthy People programs across the country.
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Updated in 2019

When the Institute launched in 2016, the website featured case studies from eight different Park Prescription programs. Just two years later, we are excited to announce the addition of 11 new case studies. These profiles highlight diverse programs from across the country and are intended to serve as a...
Graphical illustration of ParkRx Model Reflections report
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The infographic highlights key findings from the 2020 ParkRx Census.
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Healthy Parks Healthy People, a Guide for Health Care Providers offers a starting point for health professionals interested in integrating nature into their practice.
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To capture understand how Park Prescription (ParkRx) programs engage park users, the Institute launched the first national ParkRx Census.
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The infographic features our first release of data from the ParkRx census. It highlights the diversity of ParkRx prescribers—from doctors to health educators—while showing more programs continue to be added every year, speaking to the continued momentum of the movement and the wide reach of ParkRx programs.