Seal Rocks seen in the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco's Lands End.
A sign at Lands End states: "Terrains that have been shaped by human activity in response to nature have a name—cultural landscapes." Here's a sampling of what you can learn on one of our member tours of the area.
Image of the front of the Presidio Visitor Center with the Golden Gate Bridge in the backgrounr
Presidio Visitor Center
Join us in learning some of the history of the Presidio and the newly formed Presidio Tunnel Tops. We are meeting in front of the porch of the Presidio Visitor Centor at 11:30am.
Visitors enjoy Alcatraz Island.
In this article, we’ll get you set up with some tips to explore Alcatraz like a seasoned park ranger. Visit for those views, for the lush gardens, and the history that ties into present-day social justice movements. Here are some of our insider tips.
A visitor takes a photo on Alcatraz Island.
Our Work
Alcatraz Cruises has limited passenger capacity on ferries to the island to 20% and also enlisted enhanced safety measures on the dock and the boats to help reduce the potential spread of Covid-19. This is truly a special time to have this historic island almost entirely to yourself.
Point Bonita Lighthouse

from NPS

This version is higher quality audio than is available from the call-in version of the tour.
Members of One Tam take a guided walk
See the Golden Gate National Parks as you’ve never seen them before.
ADA Accessible
These tour operators provide service to Muir Woods and other Golden Gate National Recreation Area sites.