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Park Stewardship at The Parks Conservancy
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The Park Stewardship program engages a vibrant community of local stewards in the conservation of priority parklands throughout the Golden Gate National Parks.
Rep. Huffman at Muir Woods National Monument
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Rep. Jared Huffman, U.S. Congressman for California's 2nd District, at Muir Woods National Monument.
StoryWalk at Lands End and Presidio
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A StoryWalk is a creative way for children and their families to enjoy the park on a family-friendly, accessible trail while reading an adventure at the same time.
What Do the Golden Gate National Parks Give You?
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We asked park visitors—representing a range of ages and backgrounds—a simple question: What do the parks give you?
Taking in the sunset from Mt. Tam's East Peak
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Mount Tam experts meet to discuss change and the future of Mount Tam and it's stability.
15 Years of Trails Forever
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2017 marked the 15-year milestone of the annual Trails Forever Dinner!
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
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Who We Are & What We Do

In 2016, the National Park Service (NPS) celebrated its 100th birthday. The Parks Conservancy—one of America’s leading nonprofit partners to the NPS—is honored to support your national parklands, and the rangers who have protected our heritage for over a century.
Gray Fox Pups at Muir Woods
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The recent appearance of gray fox kits near the boardwalk at Muir Woods National Monument spurred rangers to remind visitors about safe protocol around wild animals.
Internships at the Parks Conservancy
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Internships are offered in restoration ecology, inventory and monitoring, education and outreach, trail work, and more.

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