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San Francisco Parks Conservancy Shuttle Program
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A free shuttle program connected the Bayview Hunters Point community in San Francisco with their national parks.
Congresswoman Jackie Speier at Mori Point
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Congresswoman Jackie Speier shares a special place in Golden Gate National Recreation Area with fourth graders during the National Park Service Centennial.
Connecting People & Parks:  Jennifer Provine, Caroline & Cate Kruetzen
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A mom and two busy daughters spend quality time together at the Presidio Native Plant Nursery, volunteering and learning the wonders of botany.
Connecting People & Parks: Ashley Tolliver
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As a teen growing up in southeast San Francisco, Ashley Tolliver joined I-YEL (Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders)— where she found community and discovered self-confidence, a love of the outdoors, and a powerful voice.
Connecting People & Parks: Christy Estrovitz & Michelle Jeffers
Our Work
Library partnership programs -- guided shuttle tours, “trailheads” at branch libraries, arranged ranger talks and summer reading/learning programs -- are bringing new visitors to the parks.
People & Parks: Dennis Chang
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Dennis Chang discusses how being involved with Urban Trailblazers and I-YEL all through middle and high school pushed him to grow.
Connecting People & Parks: Francisco Ferrer
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Francisco Ferrer, a program coordinator for Edgewood Center for Children and Families, discusses how community shuttles connect people with the parks and each other.
Connecting People & Parks: Kelsi Ju
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A new NPS program called "Migratory Story" brings kids to Hawk Hill, where they see birds of prey winging their way from Canada to Mexico—and vividly understand why.
Connecting People & Parks: Nancy Wind Benjamin
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A longtime supporter of the Parks Conservancy and our Trails Forever work, Nancy Benjamin has become an energetic community ambassador for One Tam — a collaboration among four public land agencies and the Conservancy to sustain Mt. Tamalpais.

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