Redwood Creek Trail


Boardwalk trail along Redwood Creek through Muir Woods

From the visitor center, begin this trail through a valley of old-growth coast redwoods. This will be an outing like no other, due to the incredible trees that line this trail. If you need, there are plenty of benches to sit back and look up from. 

Muir Woods National Monument is one of the most-visited parks in the world, so you'll likely need to share the trail with others. Work your way along the creek where water, fog, cool air, and shade make for ideal growing conditions for a rare and spectacular tree species. This small park has one of the last remaining stands of old-growth coast redwoods.

Elevation Profile

Surface Category



2.03 miles round-trip

Elevation Gain

752.00 feet

Elevation Loss

-628.00 feet

Typical Tread Width

96 Inches

Minimum Tread Width

48 Inches

Typical Cross-Slope


Maximum Cross-Slope


Typical Grade


Maximum Grade