Free Zoom backgrounds to take your meetings to the parks

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We get it, you have a video conference call planned with 10 of your coworkers. Your work setup is in the only quiet place you could find in the house but your housemates, kids, or relatives are busy milling around behind you. Or maybe the wall behind you is the same color as your shirt and you’ll look like a floating head on your call. Enter Parks Conservancy photo backgrounds and screensavers...

Take your Google Hangouts or Zoom virtual backgrounds from boring to soaring by transporting you and your video-chat-mates to sites around the Golden Gate National Parks. You are one download away from surrounding yourself with the epic arches of the Golden Gate Bridge, the calming greenery of Muir Woods, or the refined masonry of Fort Point. Not seeing your favorite site in our gallery of backgrounds? Let us know at and we’ll try to find a fitting photo for you to share with your friends or coworkers.

Download these beautiful backgrounds for your video chats. Just click on the photo or the download link to start saving the larger photo. Instructions for adding backgrounds to Zoom are available.


Lighthouse at Fort Point during sunset with Golden Gate Bridge arching above
waves seen at Marshall's Beach in the Presidio at sunset
Sun setting in cypress trees over Lands End
Mission blue butterfly
Lush green forest with fern and mossy tree in foreground
Golden Gate Bridge taken from overlook in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, taken from Fort Baker in Marin County
The shoreline of Fort Funston stretches out during sunset
Alcatraz Lighthouse at night
boardwalk leading to Muir Beach overlook
Lands End sunset with pinkish sky
Sunset at Mt. Tam with clouds, rocks and mountains visible
Snowy egret on Alcatraz with out of focus Golden Gate Bridge in background
Point Bonita Lighthouse, walkway and ocean
Pink wildflowers in foreground with Mt. Tam in the background
Lands End labyrinth at sunset
Fallen log on a lush green forest ground
Crissy Field sunset
baby foxes in Muir Woods
Crissy Field at sunrise

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