I-YEL: Inspiring Young Environmental Leaders

Training High School Leaders Since 2001


A group of smiling teenagers poses together inside of a room.

Inspiring Young Environmental Leaders (I-YEL) is a high school leadership program for youth attending San Francisco and Marin public schools. Young adults learn the skills necessary to be stronger leaders in their community through project management, community involvement, and outdoor trips.

Since 2001, I-YEL has supported youth to expand their leadership skills, engage their voice in current social and environmental justice movements, and serve as an ambassador for their national parks. National parks are places where young people develop skills to create change in communities and society. When youth in the I-YEL program teach lesson plans, coordinate events, or recreate in their national park, they also explore social and environmental justice issues, serve as park ambassadors, and influence how parks support communities.

Applications for the 2022-2023 I-YEL program will be available in mid September. 

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Aimes Tam, High School Program Manager for the Inspiring Young Environmental Leaders 

Office: 415-561-7770
Email: atam@parksconservancy.org       

603 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94129 ,

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