Tamalpais Bee Lab macrophotography. Shown is a blue and yellow Osmia coloradensis.
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Thanks in part to the work of Tamalpais Bee Lab volunteers, we now know there are HUNDREDS of different bees on Mt. Tam. As these photos indicate, you never know what amazing, colorful bees you'll see!
Thanks in part to the work of Tamalpais Bee Lab volunteers, we now know there are hundreds of different species of bees on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County. The work of community scientists has helped immensely as the Parks Conservancy, our One Tam partners, and Dr. Gretchen LeBuhn of San...
Two Turkey Vultures, one bearing the GGRO blue wing-tag 368R, bask on the outcropping below Hawk Hill
The Vulture Ecology Study: 2020 Update is part of the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory (GGRO) 2020 Pacific Raptor Report. It was authored by biologist Teresa Ely, GGRO’s Banding Manager and resident vulture expert. The GGRO has been a program of the Parks Conservancy for over 30 years, fulfilling their mission...
Aerial view showing the Quartermaster Reach wetlands
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For the first time in over 100 years, the Presidio’s Tennessee Hollow watershed will be connected to the San Francisco Bay.
Western Pond Turtle Release
The western pond turtle hasn’t been observed in the Rodeo Valley Watershed since 1998. This year, the fourth year of a five-year reintroduction plan, biologists reintroduced 20 turtles to Rodeo Valley and 14 to Redwood Creek Watershed.
Raptor migration trends at the Marin Headlands

Timing Profiles by Species

WHEN DO DIFFERENT RAPTORS PASS BY HAWK HILL? These graphs show how often a specific raptor has been sighted on any day of the season (normalized as raptors per hour of effort, or RPH). Historically, the peak of "Peak" is September 24th, with an average RPH of 95. Each species...
A monarch butterfly in nature.
In times of great uncertainty, reconnecting to nature and grounding yourself in the outdoors can be a calming practice. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to get started.
A teacher connected with her students via video for their trout release.
A teacher connecting with her students virtually. Young people comforting each other through poetry and photography. Even some hilarious 1-star Yelp reviews can help comfort us all during these times.
Two mission blue butterflies face opposite each other.
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Summer lupine looks similar to the more common silver lupine, but it is a different species and has proved more resistant to a harmful fungal pathogen. Parks Conservancy Silver lupine was the preferred host plant for endangered Mission blue butterflies in the Golden Gate National Parks, but the emergence of...
Stewardship Intern at Work
Alta Avenue Trail Head
Become a Park Steward and help protect endangered species and restore sensitive habitat in Marin.