Baker Beach is a great escape right in The City.

San Francisco Beaches

San Francisco Beaches

Best Beaches in San Francisco


From expansive beaches that seem to stretch on forever to tiny pocket beaches nestled into coastal bluffs, the scenic and sandy shores of the GGNRA have something for every beach lover and national park explorer. Some of our coastal national parks are along the Pacific Ocean, others are situated along the San Francisco Bay. All will offer you jaw-dropping views (especially when the fog clears). 

So grab your sandals and a spare jacket (this is SF, after all), here is our list of the GGNRA's beaches in San Francisco County:

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Ocean Beach
Park E-Ventures Article
Ocean Beach visitors warm up beside a bonfire in the iconic fire pits as a golden sunset illuminates the sky.

Best beaches for sunset s'mores in the GGNRA


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Michael Schwab graphic of the surf at Ocean Beach

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San Francisco at the Seaside

San Francisco at the Seaside Book

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