Annual Reports

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy sends an annual report to the community. It is our most important document, celebrating the impact we've made in the last year. Find our most recent annual report and past reports below.

Groups of people in yoga poses and enjoying the scenery on Mt. Tam.

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy 2024 Annual Report to the Community

Our 2024 Annual Report to the Community is all about the resilience of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and our communities. Throughout the Annual Report and our new, larger-format Gateways Magazine, you'll find stories about climate resilience, social justice, partnerships that lead to positive outcomes for parks and people, and special initiatives that will make a lasting impact on the parks.

Check out our full 2024 Report to the Community here, including a special video featuring our work on the Redwood Renewal project at Muir Woods, which is helping to improve habitat for endangered coho salmon. It's your support that leads to brighter days ahead for the parks and for the people of our community. Celebrate all we’ve accomplished together with our special report!

2024 Annual Report to the Community online presentation >>

Past Annual Reports

Read about the work we all do to preserve our natural and cultural resources for future generations, cultivate an enduring community of stewards, and ensure that our national parks are wholly accessible, inclusive, and relevant for all.

Sharaya Souza sits surrounded by orange poppies.

Past annual reports:
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