Marin agencies receive $4.26M to improve forest health


Mount Tamalpais

Danny Franco, a project manager at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, said the grant will help One Tam implement its “Marin Regional Forest Health Strategy.” The plan, published in 2023, identified key projects and focus areas for the next decade.

“I think, broadly, Marin County is really special in that it has 118,000 acres of forested woodland,” Franco said. “That’s roughly one third of all of Marin County that’s covered in trees and woodland, and those areas are incredibly rich, natural ecosystems.”

Franco said the forested areas provide ecosystem services like clean air, drinking water, cultural value and recreational opportunities, on top of providing wildlife habitat. However, the health of the forests is being affected by stressors such as fire exclusion and invasive species.


Marin Independent Journal


March 13, 2024