Rendering of steps and views at the Presidio Tunnel Tops

Presidio Tunnel Tops

Coming Spring 2022

Presidio Tunnel Tops is a new area within the Presidio national park site, free and accessible to all. Built on the Presidio Parkway Tunnels, these 14 acres of outdoor space connect the historic center of the park to the Presidio’s waterfront at Crissy Field.  Learn more about site features and how Presidio Tunnel Tops was designed and shaped by our community. This project was made possible by achieving a $98 million campaign goal to build a world-class parkland. Our thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and members of our community.  

Supporting People in Parks 

Presidio Tunnel Tops will provide many benefits for our community and will be a manifestation of advancing equity in our parks. Central to this project is the renovation of the Crissy Field Center, a hub for youth and community programs offered in collaboration with our Tri-Agency partners. 

Our parks belong to us all yet achieving true equity in who receives their benefits takes a vision, a commitment, resources, community partnerships, and your support. Help deepen the impact of connecting people, parks, and partners across the Golden Gate by giving to the People in Parks Fund.  

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Presidio Tunnel Tops San Francisco

Parks and public lands are civic spaces for everyone to enjoy, and essential places for well-being, health, recreation and reflection. Our intention is the Presidio Tunnel Tops will be no different. The Parks Conservancy is committed to rigorously working towards and learning how we must break down barriers to access and inclusion that disproportionally impact communities and individuals who do not feel welcome or safe in our parks.  

Central to the vision of the Presidio Tunnel Tops is activating our parks to be platforms for learning, belonging, and experiencing culture and community. We acknowledge that parks have often not been welcoming or inclusive to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in many ways, including the stories told, the types of recreation welcome, or the processes associated with visiting parks. One way in which we are working to change this reality is through co-creating with our community partners to design their own experiences to further promote a sense of belonging through programs such as Nature Boosts and StoryWalks. 

Construction of Presidio Tunnel Tops is scheduled for completion in Fall 2021. A “soft opening” launch will begin in November 2021 to ensure full preparedness of the site, operations, and activities.  

One of our core coals is to make sure that our community feels the park is a welcoming place for all. During a 5-month soft-opening period, we’ll be testing out programs with community partners,  ramping up infrastructure support with staff, and planning special events and site tours for community partners and project supporters.  

Presidio Tunnel Tops will open to the public on April 30, 2022. Stay tuned for the opening season schedule! 

Led by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Presidio Tunnel Tops Capital Campaign was made possible by the philanthropic efforts of campaign co-chairs Lynne Benioff, Mark Buell, and Randi Fisher and the campaign committee. The campaign raised $98 million to make the project possible. We are grateful for the incredible generosity of many families and individuals who recognize Presidio Tunnel Tops’ importance as a great democratizer for this city and region and a gift to the nation. 

We thank all community members, leaders, community partners, and supporters for helping us bring the Presidio Tunnel Tops vision to life. 

  • Lynne Benioff, Campaign Co-Chair; Presidio Trust Board Member; Co-Chair TIME 
  • Mark Buell, Campaign Co-Chair; President, SF Recreation and Park Commission 
  • Randi Fisher, Campaign Co-Chair; Co-Founder, Pisces Foundation; Parks Conservancy Board Member (Vice Chair) 
  • Janice Barger, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Board Member 
  • Nancy Hellman Bechtle, Civic Leader 
  • Dan Carroll, Civic Leader 
  • Martha Ehmann Conte, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Board Member 
  • Julie Flynn, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Leadership Council 
  • Charlene Harvey, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Board Associate 
  • Amanda Hoenigman, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Board Liaison 
  • Linda Howell, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Board Member 
  • Patsy Ishiyama, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Board Member 
  • Colin Lind, Managing Partner, Blum Capital Partners, (retired); Parks Conservancy Board Member (Chair) 
  • Julie Parish, Trust for Public Land, CA Advisory Board; Parks Conservancy Board Liaiso 
  • Mark Perry, Retired General Partner, New Enterprise Associates; Parks Conservancy Board Associate 
  • Mauree Jane Perry, Naral Leadership Council, Emerge America 
  • John Pritzker, Founding Partner & Director, Geolo Capital, San Francisco; Parks Conservancy Board Associate 
  • Lynn Mellen Wendell, Civic Leader; Parks Conservancy Board Member (Vice Chair)  

The Partnership for the Presidio sustains the Presidio’s natural beauty, preserves its history, funds its future, and creates inspiring national park experiences for everyone to enjoy. Two federal agencies, the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service, manage the Presidio in collaboration with the non-profit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Together, the Partnership has transformed a former military post into one of the most visited places in the national park system. 

The Partnership has worked together to create the Tunnel Tops since 2014 with each agency supporting key areas of the project. The Presidio Trust  leads planning, design, and construction. The National Park Service leads interpretation, visitor services, and programming. The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy leads the philanthropic effort with generous donors, raising $98 million through a Capital Campaign. They’re also strategic partners in developing and delivering educational programs. All three organizations work together to engage diverse communities to design the Presidio Tunnel Tops and create experiences to welcome and support the public. 

My Park Moment Contest Graphic

Parks belong to all of us – they are where we gather to play, celebrate, and spend time with those we love. The free My Park Moment photo show features people from all backgrounds across America loving their favorite parks. More than 400 images are on view outdoors in the Presidio, one of America’s most visited national park sites. The winning shots, picked by distinguished creators and community and Crissy Field Center’s Community Youth Curators, are from everyday park goers, kids, and even professional photographers.  

The photo show is brought you by the Partnership for the Presidio in collaboration with Photoville.  

Come enjoy a day in the Presidio and get inspired to make your own new memories at the new Presidio Tunnel Tops when it opens on April 30, 2022. The pop-up outdoor exhibition is on display now through August 2022—learn more here.  

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