Learn more about birds and birding in the parks.

An Anna's hummingbird.
Take a minute to read a poem about a beautiful bird we see throughout our San Mateo park sites.
A Peregrine Falcon defends its nest at the UC Berkeley Campanile tower.
By now, you might have heard about the nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons discovered at UC Berkeley in 2017. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a closer look?
A White-Tailed Kite in flight.
The White-Tailed Kite is a beautiful predatory raptor that has recently been spotted at various parklands in San Mateo. Read more about the role this bird plays in its ecosystem and why I think it is so special.
Allen's Hummingbird
What kind of bird are you? Find out with our scientifically dubious but finely feathered personality quiz, based on distinct avian phenotypes!
GGRO bander Ari La Porte examines a Sharp-shinned Hawk
Golden Gate Raptor Observatory
Specially trained volunteers sit in small blinds in the hills of the Headlands, trapping and banding raptors and taking measurements and health data.
Two hawkwatchers scan the west quadrant
Golden Gate Raptor Observatory
During the autumn months, our teams of volunteer hawk counters identify and tally 19 species of birds of prey, working under the leadership of an experienced dayleader.
Hawk watch

Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

Thousands of raptors fly over Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands, and hundreds of volunteers stand atop to count them.
Red-tailed Hawk monitoring

Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

In 2012, the GGRO is able to use brand-new technology to help us track bird movements.
Hawk Hill
Golden Gate Raptor Observatory
This device utilizes GPS technology that is similar to a hand-held or car GPS unit, and uses cell phone networks to e-mail us the hawk’s locations.
bird watching
Park E-Ventures Article
When volunteer Christina Cambie “migrated” from England, she had no idea she would find comfort and community in her new home by studying another migration—that of raptors over Hawk Hill.