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A group of interns pose together outside of a building while smiling at the camera
We love it when park supporters deepen their commitment in new and meaningful ways, and that's exactly what Hanford ARC has been doing lately.
Warming Hut and the Golden Gate Bridge
Twenty years ago, the revitalization of Crissy Field reshaped San Francisco’s northern waterfront. Photos and b-roll video of Crissy Field are available for press here.
What was once the nation’s premier Army post is now a vibrant 1,500-acre national park offering spectacular vistas, rich history natural beauty, and opportunities for recreation, entertainment, and play.
The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is America's most visited national park.
Screenshot from An Uncommon Common Good video by Doug McConnell for NBC Bay Area
NBC Bay Area

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is America's most visited national park. It includes more than 84,000 acres of some of the most valuable real estate in the world and it belongs to every single one of us.  And it didn't become a reality by accident. Learn about the dedicated, civic-minded people who made this Uncommon Common Good a reality we can all treasure.


Get to know the nonprofit supporting the Golden Gate National Parks

Inspired by supporters like you, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy’s programs in restoration, conservation, education, interpretation, and visitor services fulfill our mission of PARKS FOR ALL FOREVER—from Alcatraz to Muir Woods. How do we do it? Hear from some of our passionate and talented staff.
100 Years of Arts in the Parks: The Youth Experience
Our Work
A group of young people explore the environmental art of Andy Goldsworthy and learn how to express their own national park experience through the art of photography.
100 Years of Arts in the Parks: The Artist's Experience
Our Work
"The Artist’s Experience" offers reflections on the national park experience from composers, illustrators, installation artists, musicians, painters and sculptors.
100 Years of Arts in the Parks: 21st Century Parks
Our Work
"100 Years of Arts in the Parks” celebrates how artists inspired the creation of the national parks and are helping to re-imagine the parks today.
Restoring Redwood Creek
Our Work
The restoration of Redwood Creek and the surrounding watershed is made possible by generous donations and grants, as well as the efforts of nearly 1,000 volunteers each year.