Coyote in the Golden Gate National Parks
Tennessee Valley Trailhead
Watch a spectacular Pacific sunset while listening for our local coyotes greeting a rising full moon! Reservations required; 415-331-1540.
Access to Adventure Day at the Presidio Tunnel Tops.
Crissy Field Center
Join Support for Families for a family fun day at the Presidio Tunnel Tops! Learn about inclusive recreation, after school, and summer programs available in San Francisco, while exploring a brand-new accessible park.
Volunteers at work cleaning the boardwalk at Muir Woods
Muir Woods Visitor Center
Join the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) at Muir Woods for a day of service celebrating Great American Outdoors Day on Friday August 4, 2023!
Day's End at Lands End
USS San Francisco Memorial Parking Lot
Come join the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers for an evening of stargazing at Land’s End!
Muir Woods with ranger and kids
Fri, Jul 19 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sat, Jul 20 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sun, Jul 21 1:15pm-1:30pm
Mon, Jul 22 1:15pm-1:30pm
Tue, Jul 23 1:15pm-1:30pm
Wed, Jul 24 1:15pm-1:30pm
Thu, Jul 25 1:15pm-1:30pm
Fri, Jul 26 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sat, Jul 27 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sun, Jul 28 1:15pm-1:30pm
Mon, Jul 29 1:15pm-1:30pm
Tue, Jul 30 1:15pm-1:30pm
Wed, Jul 31 1:15pm-1:30pm
Thu, Aug 01 1:15pm-1:30pm
Fri, Aug 02 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sat, Aug 03 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sun, Aug 04 1:15pm-1:30pm
Mon, Aug 05 1:15pm-1:30pm
Tue, Aug 06 1:15pm-1:30pm
Wed, Aug 07 1:15pm-1:30pm
Thu, Aug 08 1:15pm-1:30pm
Fri, Aug 09 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sat, Aug 10 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sun, Aug 11 1:15pm-1:30pm
Mon, Aug 12 1:15pm-1:30pm
Tue, Aug 13 1:15pm-1:30pm
Wed, Aug 14 1:15pm-1:30pm
Thu, Aug 15 1:15pm-1:30pm
Fri, Aug 16 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sat, Aug 17 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sun, Aug 18 1:15pm-1:30pm
Mon, Aug 19 1:15pm-1:30pm
Tue, Aug 20 1:15pm-1:30pm
Wed, Aug 21 1:15pm-1:30pm
Thu, Aug 22 1:15pm-1:30pm
Fri, Aug 23 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sat, Aug 24 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sun, Aug 25 1:15pm-1:30pm
Mon, Aug 26 1:15pm-1:30pm
Tue, Aug 27 1:15pm-1:30pm
Wed, Aug 28 1:15pm-1:30pm
Thu, Aug 29 1:15pm-1:30pm
Fri, Aug 30 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sat, Aug 31 1:15pm-1:30pm
Sun, Sep 01 1:15pm-1:30pm
Mon, Sep 02 1:15pm-1:30pm
Muir Woods Visitor Center
Join a Muir Woods Ranger in a grove of towering Coast Redwoods for a 15-minute talk.
Muir Woods with ranger and kids
Fri, Jul 19 11:15am-11:30am
Sat, Jul 20 11:15am-11:30am
Sun, Jul 21 11:15am-11:30am
Mon, Jul 22 11:15am-11:30am
Tue, Jul 23 11:15am-11:30am
Wed, Jul 24 11:15am-11:30am
Thu, Jul 25 11:15am-11:30am
Fri, Jul 26 11:15am-11:30am
Sat, Jul 27 11:15am-11:30am
Sun, Jul 28 11:15am-11:30am
Mon, Jul 29 11:15am-11:30am
Tue, Jul 30 11:15am-11:30am
Wed, Jul 31 11:15am-11:30am
Thu, Aug 01 11:15am-11:30am
Fri, Aug 02 11:15am-11:30am
Sat, Aug 03 11:15am-11:30am
Sun, Aug 04 11:15am-11:30am
Mon, Aug 05 11:15am-11:30am
Tue, Aug 06 11:15am-11:30am
Wed, Aug 07 11:15am-11:30am
Thu, Aug 08 11:15am-11:30am
Fri, Aug 09 11:15am-11:30am
Sat, Aug 10 11:15am-11:30am
Sun, Aug 11 11:15am-11:30am
Mon, Aug 12 11:15am-11:30am
Tue, Aug 13 11:15am-11:30am
Wed, Aug 14 11:15am-11:30am
Thu, Aug 15 11:15am-11:30am
Fri, Aug 16 11:15am-11:30am
Sat, Aug 17 11:15am-11:30am
Sun, Aug 18 11:15am-11:30am
Mon, Aug 19 11:15am-11:30am
Tue, Aug 20 11:15am-11:30am
Wed, Aug 21 11:15am-11:30am
Thu, Aug 22 11:15am-11:30am
Fri, Aug 23 11:15am-11:30am
Sat, Aug 24 11:15am-11:30am
Sun, Aug 25 11:15am-11:30am
Mon, Aug 26 11:15am-11:30am
Tue, Aug 27 11:15am-11:30am
Wed, Aug 28 11:15am-11:30am
Thu, Aug 29 11:15am-11:30am
Fri, Aug 30 11:15am-11:30am
Sat, Aug 31 11:15am-11:30am
Sun, Sep 01 11:15am-11:30am
Mon, Sep 02 11:15am-11:30am
Muir Woods Visitor Center
Join a Muir Woods Ranger in a grove of towering Coast Redwoods for a 15-minute talk.
Park Rangers Takeo Kishi, left, and Jasmine Reinhardt at Muir Woods.
Muir Woods Visitor Center
Looking for trail suggestions and orientation? Saw something curious in the forest that you want to ask about? Need a junior ranger book? National Park Service Rangers are here to help!
Image of the front of the Presidio Visitor Center with the Golden Gate Bridge in the backgrounr
Presidio Visitor Center
Join us in learning some of the history of the Presidio and the newly formed Presidio Tunnel Tops. We are meeting in front of the porch of the Presidio Visitor Centor at 11:30am.
Fort Point National Historic Site underneath the Golden Gate Bridge
Fort Point Entrance
Join our Park Rangers in learning Fort Point's History in this 15 minute long talk. The program is accessible. The times of the program are 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 2:30 p.m.
Alcatraz Historic Prisons
Alcatraz Cellhouse - Dining Hall
The Formerly Incarcerated Speaker Series is a biweekly program on Alcatraz Island that lifts up and highlights the voices of people who have spent time inside of jails and prisons.