Native Plants

Learn more about individual native plants found in the Golden Gate National Parks and grown in our nurseries for restoration projects.

Have you seen a beautiful wildflower while in the park and want more information about it? We have over 1200 species of plants native to these Parks (Recreation Area). Here we have information on many of the wildflowers and plants you will see along the trails in the park, and ones we have used to restore habitats and plant communities throughout the Parks. Below is just a sample of what you might see. Click on the name of a plant (scientific name followed by common name) to go to a page with a picture of the plant and information about it:

More about Native Plants

Presidio Native Plant Nursery staff
Park E-Ventures Article
Curious about how and why we need our Native Plant Nurseries to grow plants for restoration? Check out the second installment of the “Seed to Ecosystem” podcast for insightful interviews with nursery staff and one of our star volunteers.
Drought Tolerant Native Plant Gardening
Park E-Ventures Article
With our unusually dry winter, you might be wondering what you can do at home to help reduce water usage. Liz Ponzini (Manager of the Tennessee Valley Nursery) shares her expertise, and tips you can use in your own backyard!
California Wild Rose blooms on the Battery East Trail steps.
Park E-Ventures Article
A green lawn all year-long? Nowhere near as fascinating or entertaining as the transformation of native plants from one season to the next.
Park E-Ventures Article
Valentine’s Day not exactly your favorite holiday? Just for you incurable curmudgeons—here’s a bouquet of plants with some less-than-romantic names that you certainly won’t be hearing about in any love sonnet.
Mountain Lake Park
Park E-Ventures Article
You may have heard about the incredible restoration effort going on at Mountain Lake in the Presidio, but did you know that this project also entails learning about and growing mysterious (and slightly stinky) submerged aquatic plants? Plunge in for a soggy adventure.
Franciscan Manzanita
Park E-Ventures Article
Some have asked: Why don’t we just buy plants from our local nurseries to restore the park? In short, the Parks Conservancy grows native plants from seed because such a practice increases the chances of the plants’ survival.
Iris douglasiana (Douglas Iris)
Park E-Ventures Article
Our six native plant nurseries, spanning from Marin to San Mateo, have the amazing role and privilege of growing natives for the many restoration projects in the Golden Gate National Parks. As we celebrate the Golden Gate Bridge in May, learn how native plants “bridge” the myriad habitats of these...