He's grown up volunteering in Presidio Native Plant Nursery


A young volunteer holds up a small plant attached to a tennis ball at the Presidio Nursery.

One of our Presidio Native Plant Nursery volunteers is so dedicated, he's been volunteering for half his life! Wyatt is 10 years old and started volunteering at age 5, when he was in kindergarten. He volunteers with his mom Kelly, who blogs about their experiences at String and Twig

Wyatt has made a big impact on parks, and the parks have made an impact on him. Here's our full Q&A with Wyatt: 

Why do you and your family volunteer with the Presidio Native Plant Nursery? 

It’s fun to work in the nursery because the staff and the other volunteers are really friendly. I also like how seeds need just a few things to grow into plants, and it’s really satisfying to be part of the whole process. We started volunteering in February 2016 when I was in kindergarten. Our first job at the nursery was scrubbing pots. We thought that was a pretty good job, but the opportunities got more interesting the more we volunteered. When I was smaller, I could crawl into the spaces where no one else could fit and sweep up the dirt. I’ve also collected, cleaned, and planted seeds, transplanted seedlings, and then a couple of months ago, we planted the actual plants in a construction zone on Presidio Planting Day.

What’s your favorite memory of your time volunteering? 

It’s hard to choose a favorite memory. Every time I go, something great happens. When I was like, seven, a bunch of us were weeding some planter boxes and we started making up verses to a ridiculous song about the compost yard. And once, I watched a Great Blue Heron hunt and catch a meal in the field. That was amazing!

What’s something new you learned about the parks while volunteering?   

I’ve learned that the parks and the people who work and volunteer in them play a big role in maintaining and improving our environment.

Why should other people volunteer? 

For the people and the plants! When we volunteer at the nursery and in the parks, we help support the growth of important native plant species and we make our community stronger.

To volunteer like Wyatt, go to the Presidio Nursery page or see other opportunities at our Native Plant Nurseries and Volunteer pages. Our Native Plant Nurseries are a cooperative effort of the Parks Conservancy, National Park Service, and Presidio Trust. 

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