Trails Forever Dinner 2021 - Join Us On October 15th!

19th Annual

Join us in person at Fort Point National Historic Site - an 1860s era fort beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.  Spectacular views, hearty culinary stations, full bars including warm beverages, casual seating around heat lamps and fire pits, and plenty of entertainment will encourage you to explore throughout the fort.

Trails Forever Committee
Ali Fried
Mindy Henderson
Melanie Peña
Heidi Altree
Suzanne Badenhoop
Genny Biggs
Halle Cane
Lisa Congdon
Martha Ehmann Conte
Josselyn Eccleston
Allison Eisenhardt
Kelly Fair
Tim Farrell
Elizabeth Fattouh
Randi Fisher
Julie Flynn
Carter Graber
Kim Green
Kelly Halper
Melanie Hoefer
Amanda Hoenigman
Katy Hope
Linda Howell
Jeri Howland
Margot Kerr
Kathy Kimball
Julia Kniesche
Emilie Lynch
Alex Lyon
Maggie Mack
Mackenzie Mayle
Anne Mieling
Maryam Muduroglu
Kayla Nahi
Sheila Nahi
Karen Nga
Su-Moon Paik
Julie Parish
Cameron Phleger
Charlotte Haas Prime
Jane Prior
Susie Hall Sawyer
Sierra Schwidder
Joanna Seelbach
Eric Stern
Holly Teliska
Clayton Timbrell
Stephanie Tuttle
Christine Willand
Lisa Williams
Cathy Ye
Honorary Committee
Janice Barger
Catherine Bradford
Mark Buell
Nancy Hellman Bechtle
Martha Ehmann Conte
Allison Eisenhardt
Randi Fisher
Julie Flynn
Julie Haas
Linda Howell
Kelly Halper
Jessica Parish Galloway
Kathy Kimball
Anne Lind
Stephanie Mellin
Julie Parish
Charlotte Haas Prime
Staci Slaughter

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