Pianist performing at Fort Point
Fort Point
We're doing something that we've never done before: In partnership with our friends at PianFrancisco , Art in the Parks will be hosting a free piano concert in one of San Francisco's oldest and most iconic buildings, Fort Point!
Lands End overlook with views of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Park E-Ventures Article
The wonderful idea of the newly unveiled San Francisco Crosstown Trail is to make one big link, from Candlestick Point to the Presidio and Lands End, so you can walk or bike from one end of the city all the way to the other.
Alison Farrell's Art Work for "The Hike"
Our Work
A StoryWalk is a creative way for children and their families to enjoy the park on a family-friendly, accessible trail while reading an adventure at the same time. Pages of a children’s book are put on signs and placed along the trail. Walk along the trail and read the story,...
2019 Summer Stride Artwork
Our Work
Following the success of the past three years of Summer Stride partnership with the San Francisco Public Library, the 2019 summer reading program for kids (and adults!) will center on the national parks once again! Through this partnership of the San Francisco Public Library, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Presidio...
Roving Ranger
Our Work
The Roving Ranger is a mobile trailhead designed to serve as a visitor contact and information center both within our national parks and outside the park.
Andy Goldsworthy, Wood Line
Our Work
In 2010, at the roots of the eucalyptus trees in the Presidio, British artist Andy Goldsworthy created the scuplture Wood Line .
Andy Goldsworthy, "Spire"
Our Work
British artist Andy Goldsworthy brings his ethereal interactions of human creation and nature to the San Francisco with Spire. The piece towers 90 feet high in the Presidio, both a part of its surrounding elements and an entity of its own.
Andy Goldsworthy’s installation Tree Fall
Our Work
Tree Fall is the first indoor installation Andy Goldsworthy created for the Presidio.
Starry sky above the Golden Gate Bridge
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You have 75th anniversary fever. You’ve assembled your International Orange outfit. You’ve baked Bridge-shaped cookies. You’re forming Bridge towers out of your mashed potatoes. Now what? Here are the top seven-and-a-half ways to celebrate this momentous year for the Golden Gate Bridge—that international icon in the heart of our national...
Ranger Michele Gee experiences the Portal
Park E-Ventures Article
Through the magic of immersive audiovisual technology, Shared_Studios’ Portals bring together people from around the world in real-time, life-size, face-to-face conversations. In Summer 2017, step inside the Portal at Crissy East Beach—and make an unforgettable connection.