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Volunteers participating in a beach cleanup
Stinson Beach Parking Lot
Help restore and maintain the Stinson Beach shoreline.
volunteer; trails; women's trail day
Come hang out with the female-identifying NPS Trail Crew folks while we work hard to improve the trail systems of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. All female-identifying, non-binary, gender-nonconforming individuals are welcome to join this safe (and gorgeous!) space.
Crissy Marsh
Gateways Article
With our partners, we're on a mission to reduce emissions, adapt for a changing climate, and encourage visitors to join and move in the most sustainable ways possible in the outdoors.
Joyce Guy at work in the field
The origin story of the Golden Gate Bridge is dominated by tales of the architects and designers who were given the opportunity to dream up the structure. The workers who installed and later maintained the cables and trusses, the bolts and the paint, are not often credited. In the book...
Stinson Beach broken boardwalk
You never know what will be revealed in the wake of a storm: It might be a shipwreck, a message in a bottle, or a message about the future.
Yolanda Molette connects with participants at a workshop featuring butterfly migration.
Yolanda Molette, a Plant Ecologist with a degree in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, Concentration in Conservation from San Francisco State University, just likes plants!
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